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Rechargeable Stopwatch 12 pack

Save loads of money and time by switching to the World's first RECHARGEABLE stopwatch

The rechargeable stopwatch that just keeps going and going!

Save loads of money and time by switching to the World's first RECHARGEABLE stopwatch. Simply plug into the included docking station - eliminating the need to ever change batteries again! No more throwing stopwatches away and having to constantly replace them or attempting the 'fiddly' change of expensive batteries. The recharging facility ensures you can stop worrying about watches having been left on and being useless when you need them most!
Each stopwatch will last for approx 10 hours with moderate use before recharging and approx 20 days when on standby. The screens has a useful battery life indicator.

Three Stopwatches in One!
Based on teacher feedback, the stopwatches have been designed specifically for school use. A simple design, they have the functionality that primary teachers require and have not been over complicated by unnecessary functions or irritating 'beeps' that confuse and remain unused. You can also make the stopwatches age and stage appropriate by setting them to show:

To ensure that children can't change the settings by accident, simply insert a paper clip into the top of the stopwatch to change the time measurements.

An Essential Classroom Resource
Available as a set of 12, there is enough for the whole class to share. Set comprises 12 rechargeable stopwatches in bright colours, safe lanyards and free recharging unit. Dimensions of case: 22 cm x 16 cm approx

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