PocketLab by Myriad Sensors proudly appoints SItech Systems NZ Ltd as their distributor for the New Zealand market.

Myriad Sensor began in 2013 by a group of Stanford University students working on a technology entrepreneurship course. The goal was to develop a working technology product that could fill a societal need. They combined their expertise in sensors, education and software and created a prototype of their first concept, the PocketLab. 

The team won the Grand Prize in the Yale School of Management Education Leadership Competition, Third Place at the Stanford BASES Competition, and the Cool Ideal Award from ProtoLabs. The company has also received funding from the National Science Foundation and the Intel Education Accelerator.

PocketLab is a system of wireless sensors, apps, and cloud software, that enables anyone to build a hands-on science experiment, anywhere they choose. Users are teachers and students in middle school, high school, and tertiary level STEAM classrooms. 

No other product is as easy to use, durable, or inexpensive as PocketLab.

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