Looking to do more hands-on science with your PocketLabs this year? Check out this guide to see how you can hit the ground running.

Step 1: Have Students Watch the New Getting Started Video

Before you begin your first PocketLab activity, have students watch the YouTube video above in class or for homework.


Step 2: Getting Started Sensor Cards

Don't overlook the Getting Started Sensor Cards that come with every PocketLab! The cards give helpful tips and quick activities for each sensor to try with your classroom.

Click here to find PDF's of the cards and to browse a few getting Started Sensor videos


Step 3: Experiments to Start the Year

Are you starting the year with a Motion Unit? Or what about Properties and Structure of Matter?Here are a few activities from our PocketLab Educators web page that will help you start the year with some hands-on science.


Need for Speed (well, velocity):

Click here for modeling motion with position and velocity graphs

Measure the position and velocity of a cart as its pushed up and down a ramp. Simple, yet effective in teaching linear motion. 


Gas Laws:

Click here to find out when the volume of a gas changes, what happens to the barometric pressure?

Seal a PocketLab in a syringe and flask or plastic bag and change the volume to find the answer.


You have to just give it a GO!! and:

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