Have your outside speakers recently been stolen or vandalised, or is it difficult to hear in all parts of the school grounds?

There is a solution to this problem.


Sitech Systems have developed a number of bespoke security solutions to deter the theft of outdoor speakers.

Options range from simple flush-mounted steel mesh cages to an 8-metre pole system, hinged at the bottom so that the speakers can be lowered for installation, maintenance or speaker adjustment.

Two or four wide-range horn speakers can be mounted to the top of the pole. 6 metres up are a set of spikes to stop any would-be climbers.

The speakers are IP64 outdoor weather rated and are suitable for background music, voice PA, tones and announcements.

Solutions are also available for roof-mounted speakers.

All solutions are finished to a high level to withstand the rigours of outdoor use and can be powder coated or galvanised to suit.



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