AVerVision M70HD Visualiser

5 Megapixel resolution, 192X total zoom and displaying in full HD via HDMI



Share the excitement of discovery in high definition with the AVerVision M70HD visualiser. Explore every detail with its powerful 12X optical zoom and then use AVer’s onboard annotation tools to interact, explain and guide students. From an A3-sized diagram to a small biological specimen, the visualiser’s 5-megapixel sensor is able to relay smooth live images to HD displays with the convenience of HDMI support. What’s more, these valuable learning experiences can be captured at 30fps with the one-touch recording feature. Let the vivid, high-definition images of the AVerVision M70HD take you on countless educational journeys.

Smooth 30fps one-touch recording

All the sounds and excitement of live experiments, head-to-head debates and object examination are captured perfectly for future use both in class and at home through M70HD’s lag-free 30fps recording directly to an SDHC card or USB flash drive.

Powerful 12X optical zoom

Explore the fine detail of biological subjects and magnify the smallest grains with the microscope-like ability of M70HD’s 12X optical zoom or see an object up to a whopping 192X magnification by taking advantage of M70HD’s total zooming power.