Sitech Sports PA System

The Sitech battery-powered Sports PA system.

  • Totally self-contained, mounted on a Sitech designed and built trolley
  • The trolley can be easily broken down into components to transport on the back seat or in the boot of an average sized car
  • Toa 60 Watt RMS 2 channel amplifier powered by a 12 volt SLA battery
  • Intelligent battery charger fitted to the trolley
  • The system includes a Mipro 100 channel wireless handheld microphone and a CB style corded microphone
  • Supplied with four Toa 15 Watt horn speakers fitted to telescoping tripod stands. Speakers and stands can be housed on the trolley

Please note: The battery is covered by a 3-month warranty, the trolley and other equipment is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Price (excluding GST & freight)