Panasonic HC-X1 4K 60p/50p Professional Camcorder

High Image Quality and Sensitivity with 1 inch 4K Sensor

*Please note - shotgun microphone not included


The Panasonic HC-X1GC is a compact, handheld professional video camera that adds beautiful 4K quality to your video productions. The wide-angle lens has 20x optical zoom which is perfect for recording near or far. A large 1-inch sensor captures crystal clear images, ideal for any situation, like electronic newsgathering, short film creation, and more.

4K Video Recording

The Panasonic HC-X1GC 4K Professional video camera can record high-quality DCI standard 4K video at 24p and UHD at up to 60p. Full HD resolutions of 1080p and 720p are also supported at 60p/50p along with super slow-motion.

Leica Dicomar 4K Lens with 20x Optical Zoom

The Leica Dicomar 4K lens HC-X1GC can be operated manually, with a 24mm wide-angle setting, it helps create sharp images with minimal distortion, perfect when filming in tight spaces. The 20x optical zoom covers the 24mm wide-angle to 480mm telescopic range, bringing your subjects closer.

Efficient 4-Drive Lens System

A 4-Drive System works to independently or simultaneously drive each of the four lens groups within the HC-X1GC, efficiently minimising the drive range so that zoom power and image quality are optimised appropriately.

4K 1-Inch MOS Sensor

With its 4K 1-inch MOS Sensor, the HC-X1GCis capable of high-speed recording, perfect for run-and-gun filmmaking. The sensor has excellent low-light performance and allows for better creative control of depth of field and background blur which is a feature often found only in larger cameras.

Advanced 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S.

The HC-X1GC has a greatly expanded correction area, providing strong corrections for high and low angle shots. In Full HD modes, a 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S. combines electronic and optical stabilisation to compensate for vibrations in horizontal, vertical, tilt, pan and roll axes.

Intelligent, Precise Auto-Focus

An intelligent Micro Drive Focus Unit provides precise, high-speed Autofocus and tracking which is essential for 4Kvideo. Autofocus settings can be customised to perfectly suit your filming requirements by simply adjusting AF Area, AF Speed, and AF Sensitivity.

Super Slow Motion and VFR Recording

Super slow motion recording is achieved by recording with a high speed of 120 frames per second. Variable Frame Rate recording is also available with settings that provide 10 steps from 2 to 60fps, allowing you to get creative with your videos.

Dual SD Card Slots

Dual SD cards slots can simultaneously record two different file formats on each card. While one card is recording 4K, the other can record at a lower bit rate or resolution. Relay recording is also available, seamlessly switching to the second card when your first one is full.

Choice of File Format and Bit Rates

Choose from a range of bit rates between 5 Mbps to 200 Mbps and different file formats to customise your recordings. MOV, MP4, or AVCHD are available in HD and SD resolutions.

8 Mode Gamma and 16-Axis Colour Correction

With the 16-Axis Colour Correction, you can match the colours of several cameras when they are used in the same lighting conditions. 8-Mode Gamma settings are available to suit the different gradations required by production type.

XLR Audio Inputs

Two-channel XLR audio inputs have switchable +48V phantom power supply/mic/line and manual volume. Plug in a range of professional quality mics and record in two chanels with 16-bit linear PCM system (MOV/MP4) or Dolby Digital system (AVCHD).

LCD Screen and OLED EVF

A 3.5 inch slide out LCD touch screen allows quick, intuitive menu navigation and settings control, sliding back into the body for safe storage. The OLED EVF has a high resolution with approximately 1,769,000 dots provides a clear and bright image ideal for focusing and exposure selection.

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