Swivl CX Series Robot

New CX Model now supports device charging!

Swivl is the world leader in video observation technology.

Swivl provides the best video data capture hardware and most flexible software to help achieve your organisation, teacher and student goals.

Popular uses:

  • Self Reflection
    • Teachers record video to review and reflect on their own.
  • PLC Collaboration
    • Get collective feedback from a group of trusted peers to accelerate learning.
  • Informal Observations
    • Teacher driven video observations shared with peers for collective feedback
  • Exemplar Libraries
    • Identify exemplary videos to build a best practice library to share with new teachers


  • Basic model of the CX Series that comes with a single marker, base and carry case.
  • Pro quality audio - Includes a completely redesigned audio technology utilizing DECT. Brings a higher quality, more robust connection.
  • 3.5mm marker audio-in - Plug in a lav-mic or headphones to get even better audio while using the marker as a presentation clicker.
  • Carrying case - Includes new, improved protective case in the box.
  • Lightning iOS interface - Provides higher quality audio.
  • Improved marker controls - D-pad (Directional pad) controls
  • Ease of use - Countless new improvements based on educator feedback.
  • Extended battery life - 6 hours under normal use cases.
  • Multi-marker capability - Connect up to 4x markers simultaneously. Capture audio from all corners of a classroom and switch who Swivl "follows".


Price (excluding GST & freight)