AVerVision M70W Mechanical Arm Wireless Visualiser

13MP Document Camera with HDMI, USB and WiFi Connectivity

The M70W is a 4K wireless visualiser that transforms eLearning by enhancing interactive discussions between teachers and students. A versatile mechanical arm and solid body support a 13-megapixel camera with vividly detailed 4K, 60fps imaging and powerful 230X total zoom capacity. 

230X Total Zoom

Capture every shot with the M70W’s 10X optical zoom plus 23X digital zoom. The power of close-ups enhances the learning experience by letting teachers show every little detail.

Outstanding 4K Video Quality

Embracing 4K Ultra HD output resolution with its 13-megapixel camera, the M70W’s impressively smooth and steady 60fps performance is a delight.

Durable, Adjustable & Portable

The sturdy, adjustable mechanical arm and portable handle offer users flexibility to apply the M70W in different fields. Additionally, the position indicator on the camera head allows for precise visualising of A3-sized documents.

Wired or Wireless

Integrating the benefits of stand-alone and wireless visualisers, the M70W gives teachers options. Armed with HDMI and USB connectivity, idea sharing has never been this easy.

One-TouchCapturing & Recording

Irresistible 4K video recording and capturing functions completely fulfil the needs of flipped teaching. Simply capture all your favourite moments and express your creativity during classes with the M70W.

Please Note - M15W model is not currently available in NZ

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