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Easi-Ears Digital Audio System

Do you want to easily differentiate listening activities for your students? Now you can with Easi Ears, by TTS the makers of the Easi-speak.

Imagine being able to have different students or groups of students listening to different stories, and not just stories, any audio content. Simply send (up to 2 hours!) content to each student’s wireless headset using the supplied software installed on your PC. Each student can then control their own audio, repeating, pausing and moving to the next track to meet their own needs. A remote control unit enables a teacher to intervene as required, cut in and broadcast announcements and instructions and it also doubles as an MP3 recorder so children can easily record their own audio content too.

The kit includes 6 wireless headphones, easy to use software, a remote control unit and docking station for recharging. Headphone battery life is 12 hours and remote control unit lasts 20 hours.

Perfect for use with audio literacy programmes such as Junior Journal and School Journals.

Note: PC Only

Price (excluding GST & freight)
$1,199.00 $695.00